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Populate a DataSet from a Database

SqlDataAdapter class represents a set of data commands and a database connection that are used to fill the DataSet and update a SQL Server database. This class cannot be inherited.

Getting data from a database is easy, and working with data is easier than before. The most important concept to remember is that the DataSet is a data structure separate and distinct from a data store. Although you get data from a database in this example, it doesn't matter where the data comes from; the DataSet will always present a consistent programming model. It is a simple collection of data with relational database characteristics. There is no Load, Open, or Execute on a DataSet because it doesn't know where it gets its data from. This section describes how to use a SqlDataAdapter to get data from a database into a DataSet.

Sample Code (with MsSql)

Dim sConnection As String = "server=(local);uid=sa;pwd=password;database=yourDatabase"

Dim objDataAdapter As New SqlDataAdapter("Select * From tableName", sConnection)
Dim dsResult As New DataSet("Result")

If Not IsNothing(objDataAdapter) Then
' Fill data into dataset

End If

' Test by bind data into datagridview control
Me.DataGridView1.DataSource = dsResult.Tables(0)

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